LOL Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Eye Spy Under Wraps Dolls Unboxing

This week we opened 2 of the newest LOL Surprise EYE SPY Series - Under Wraps!!. We had a blast making this video and opening the LOLs! The LOL Surprise Under Wraps are super fun LOLs with 15 surprises inside that take some serious Spy Work to open. We use our secret decoder spyglass to

LOL Surprise Eye Spy Pets – Series 4

ZoomZoom4k launches LOL Surprise Eye Spy Pets Series 4 video on the ZoomZoom4k YouTube channel. This fun video features Maddie and Bryce opening one of the latest in the LOL Surprise Dolls series - Eye Spy Pets. The fun starts by decoding secret messages using a special monocular with a rose color filter

LOL Surprise Biggie Pets Attack

We had a lot of fun making this video of Maddie and Bryce opening the LOL Surprise Biggie Pets. We start off in a dream sequence where Maddie and Bryce are strolling through a magical land with castles and rainbows. On their short walk, they see strange items floating by, the types of

LOL Surprise Dolls on the Beach

Watch this "egg hunt" episode where we discover LOL Surprise Eggs hidden on the beach, in the sand and near the life guard tower. We open a ton of LOL Surprise Dolls in this video.